2nd Life ITAD Process

IT Asset Disposition

Our ITAD Process

  • 01 Pickup

    We provide full chain of custody reporting throughout our process which includes refurbishing and redeployment. As well as asset tracking from the time of custody.

  • 02 Asset Audit

    Upon arrival, items are inventoried and given a unique ID number. Important specs are recorded, including serial numbers. Items for data and or value above $30 are given unique ID number.

  • 03 Data Destruction

    Items containing data all wiped when possible or physically destroyed with audit proof.

  • 04 Valuation

    When possible, we refurbish or resell equipment. Items that cannot be resold will be harvested for parts or recyclable materials.

  • 05 Refurbish

    Valuable items are cleaned and adding an additional component doing the upgrade if needed and repaired as necessary.

  • 06 Remarket

    2nd life has a peer to peer and user customer-based first then we offer a wholesale and e-commerce platform. We always strive for maximum rate of return.

  • 07 Delivery

    We ship domestically and internationally. Everything from single boxes to multi-pallet orders. Process includes redeployment of assets singular inbox sales.


Over 100 years of combined industry experience

Our mission is to position 2nd Life as the leader in the acquisition and distribution of remarketed technology. Experience, knowledge and reliability enable us to collaborate with you by providing superior solutions and enhancing your ability to efficiently manage the technology life cycle. We constantly strive to improve the extraordinary level of customer service we offer to the global marketplace as the standard of excellence throughout the industry.

Why 2nd Life?

Multi-Step Process

Exhaustive processes ensure our clients the best return on investment and give confidence to our customers.

2nd Chance

Keeping items in the use stream, we can cut down on e-waste while providing devices to people who can still use them while being environmentally and socially responsible.

Community Engagement

2nd Life can donate part, or all, of revenue from EOL technology to several charitable organizations in your companies name.

Meet Our Team

  • Michael Feibelman

    Michael Feibelman

    President and CEO

  • Matt Wolford

    Matt Wolford

    Production Manager

  • Saidou Sabally

    Saidou Sabally

    Business Development

  • Donald Stotts

    Donald Stotts

    Project Manager

  • Michelle Ventura

    Michelle Ventura

    Customer Service Specialist

  • Moses


    Branch Manager

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Address: 2nd Life Inc. 1400 Commerce Rd. Richmond, VA 23224 USA

Phone: 1-804-918-2352

Email: info@2ndlifeinc.com

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